Your emotive storytelling session is dedicated to capturing authentic moments between you and your loves. While having these moments to scroll through on your digital device is enjoyable, an image you can hold and trace your fingers over is the perfect touch to making memories that last a lifetime.

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A: That's what I'm here for! At your consult, we will briefly cover what you're most hoping to get out of your session and what you'd like to do with your images afterwards. On your questionnaire, I also ask what you have in mind. When we meet for your design and ordering consultation, I am prepared to help you decide. I help you simplify the process and narrow down what would be most functional and appealing to you in your home. Then, I help you narrow down which images to use and how to display them. You're never on your own in the process!

Q: how do i decide what product is best for me?

YES! With my Bachelors Degree in Interior Design, I have a love for designing spaces, and gallery walls are no exception. I help you design your wall(s) with a program that allows us to see your wall with your images on it before you even purchase. There's no guessing that you'll love the end result. Then, I handle the ordering and make sure the products all meet my extremely high standards. Once your order is in, my husband and I arrive on location to professionally install your new artwork.


A: All products arrive on my doorstep before I deliver them to you, so I can make sure they meet my high standards. I check for damage, color accuracy and quality before I ever ever set up your delivery. Then, when we meet, I have you look over your products, so you can double check that I didn't miss anything. Of course, if I did, I will send the product back and replace it with a new one. Because of the way I run this, I do not accept any returns beyond that point. But, if you find there is damage (not caused by you) to your products, please reach out, so I can have the opportunity to make it right!


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