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photography is an investment that becomes more and more important over time.

An emotive storytelling session is all about slowing down, connecting, appreciating long embraces and all the wonderfully chaotic moments in between. During our time together, we will make the time to say the words we don't always say, admire the glorious features we often look past and create a space to document you and your loves, just as you are. Who knows, we may even have a dance party to your favorite songs mid-session!

emotive storytelling

From the moment you feel those first magical flutters in your belly, to getting to know him or her in the first 48 hours post birth, to welcoming them to their home and all those milestones they reach in their their first year. Each life deserves to be celebrated and documented. And you deserve to have these moments documented every step of the way.



If you're ready to take the online presence of your small business to the next level, a business branding session is for you. These sessions are meant as a collaboration to help your business grow. I get to know you + your brand, so you walk away with not only headshots, but professional storytelling brand images for your website, social media content and marketing materials.


A: Typically, I am booking 2 months in advance. The spring, summer and fall months fill up quicker, so if you know you want a session then, reach out as soon as possible. It's never too early! If you are looking for branding and website help, winter months are the best time to book!

Q: When should we book with you?

A: The sessions listed above are the main session types I take on, but I also photograph high school seniors, intimate elopements, retreats and [small] extended families. I also do not offer mini sessions, but I do offer special sessions/pricing for Mother's Day (Motherhood Unfiltered) and Holiday Cards, so always keep your eye out for those!


A: Yes! Meeting you before your actual session is so important to me! It gives us the chance to get to know each other, provides a time for us to talk about what you can expect at your session, how to prepare and what to wear, and allows me to easily and quickly answer any questions you may have. Plus, I really just like to get to know you! It’s one of my favorite parts!

Also, feel free to bring your kids along, too! I love the opportunity to talk to them and get to know them before your session, too!

Q: Do we have to meet you for a consultation?

A: The consultation is FREE! I'll even treat you to coffee!

That being said, if you are a no-call, no-show for the consultation, there will be a $50 rescheduling fee. If you choose to book after rescheduling, that $50 will go towards your session retainer.

Q: How much does the consultation cost?

A: My locations vary! I shoot all over Spring Creek, Lamoille and Elko. I also shoot in-home or at your favorite ice cream or coffee shop. The options are truly endless, and depend on what my client is wanting. I do require a travel fee for anything outside of the Elko, Spring Creek and Lamoille areas, though!

Q: Where do you shoot?

A: I like sneak peeks as much as the next guy, so I post my favorite image from your session to Facebook and Instagram within 3 days after your session. Your whole gallery will be ready for you to view within 3-4 weeks, then you’ll receive a link to your gallery that you will have access for the unforeseeable future. Don't worry, I will remind you to back them up if I ever remove them from your online gallery.

Q: How long until I see my images?

A: Absolutely! I spend approximately 8-10 hours total editing each full session. This includes color correcting, blemish/non-permanent spot removal and just generally turning your images from drab + flat into works of art. I do not edit your body, as I believe you are beautiful just the way you are. I also shoot in a way that is flattering to every individual. Ultimately, you get all of the best images we produce from your session. I guarantee a minimum of 50 images from a full session, but if you give me more, you get more. I want to tell your story, capture your connections and give you real memories, so it's important to me that you get every image along the way.

Q: Do I get fully edited images?

A: Welcome to the club! ;) I'm a mom of two boys, so I. get. it. This is truly the beauty of lifestyle photography. No one is required to sit still and smile perfectly. I want exactly the opposite! I want to chase your kids and play with them. I want you all to tickle and laugh, and show me what your love looks like. Sometimes, meltdowns are just par for the course during photo shoots, but it doesn't mean they're the end-all-be-all. I want you to have faith that I will still capture some amazing moments despite the seemingly unperfected ones that are bound to happen. I've seriously never met a perfect kid, but they all give me at least a little of what we both want. 

Q: What if my kids aren't cooperating or have a massive meltdown at our session?

You aren't the first and you definitely won't be the last to feel any of those things! And I'm here to tell you that it doesn't matter! No one in your family will care if your house is perfect; they'll remember the memories you made there. So, your family is awkward with a camera in their face? Mine, too! But, it's my job to help you guys relax, and I want your focus on each other, not me, which makes it feel more natural. You've never taken pictures before?! Let's get you on this bandwagon; it is sooo worth it!

Q: What if...(my house isn't perfect, my family is awkward in front of the camera, we've never taken pictures before, etc.)?

Yes, yes, yes! You get 10% off your session fee + 10% off prints & products (after your print/product credit is used).

Cannot be combined with any other offers.

Q: Do you offer military and first responder discounts?

christina holmes |  family

"Our yearly photos with Emily quickly became a tradition after our 2019 session. It’s more like hanging out with a friend vs someone you are paying to hang out with you, for photos. From the endless messages (from me to her lol) about clothing for the shoot, her literally finding what I want m, in the size and telling me where to buy (amazing!) to planning our shoot when she comes to Reno- she is amazing at what she does! The way Emily runs the session, by following the kids lead is amazing for my crazy troop, they feel comfortable fast and there are endless giggles and candid photos. They talk about our adventures with Emily every time we drive by a spot where photos were taken or when we look through our beautiful photo album. Yes we get amazing photos, but we have gained a sweet friend and memories that last forever."

adrienne rivera |  business branding

"Emily...oh my goodness. I just searched my email, and I found the the business branding results of all the edited images. They look so freakin good! Like BLOWS MY frickin' mind, because they looked so good unedited, and now they're just so crisp and clear and amazing and perfect. These are freakin next good. I can't even believe that my brand can look this good! Thank you so much. I appreciate you more than you even know."

ashley pederson | maternity + newborn

"Just from this year, experiencing the chaos and beauty with my pregnancy, and watching our family find light in the darkness that overcame us; you are, without a doubt, one of our blessings this year. I'm eternally grateful for you and your amazing photography skills and capturing my growing family for me. Can't wait for the years to come and have you by our sides through the phases of life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

teddi dullum | family

"Emily is amazing! We just got our photos back & I love how genuine they are. No awkward posing at all. You can feel the love in the pictures! She’s incredibly patient with little ones and let’s them get comfortable, no forcing anything to get smiles. You get to actually enjoy yourself while getting photographed instead of worrying about where you are supposed to be! These are pictures that we will always cherish. Highly recommend to anyone. I had to add in the flower picture. It’s my daughters favorite!"

tracy thomas | family

"We love Emily! We just did our third session with her and look forward to many more! She captures our love and family so perfectly. Emily is easy to work with and is so creative. Her questionnaire shows how much pride she takes in her work. She truly cares about her clients and wants to give them what they are looking for. We always feel cared about and listened to when we work with her. She's laid back and very humble. Emily creates some of the most beautiful images I've seen. We HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for high quality, lifestyle images.

tammy ordaz | couple

"I was just looking at the gallery with Anthony, and I have to say, I am blown away! You nailed every shot that I wanted! I was definitely not expecting that as I often think of myself as hard to please, and as I told you, I have never really been happy with a photo session. And to top it off, I thought we were totally awkward and was sure that there wouldn't be any that I fell in love with. Boy was a wrong! I want all of them. I can't thank you enough. You're awesome."

hanna spencer | maternity

"Absolute perfection. My eyes water every time I look at this. All I can see and feel is my love for my little babies. Light Chaser gives all the warm and fuzzies."

hillary uriarte | family

"I absolutely loved working with Emily. Before scheduling my session with her, I knew that my images were going to be absolutely beautiful because every single picture I had seen of hers was perfection. I also really love the idea of lifestyle photography. As a mother of young children, photo sessions are usually stressful and tortuous because kids don’t want to sit for an hour posing for staged photos. By Emily not only allowing, but encouraging, my children to move and be themselves, the entire session so stress free because they were relaxed and were having fun- which is evident in the photos."

emily spalding | sisters

"I cannot explain how much these mean to me. I'm in tears looking at the beauty and our relationship captured. Thank you."

ashley mclauchlin | family

"I had seen Emily's work and knew that she had to be the one to capture the love of our family. Although we have done a few shoots with her, this photo in particular shows her work to the core. My one year old daughter was obsessed with the small details in everything. You can see and feel the wonder in our daughters eyes in this photo. Our session was stress free and we were free to just be ourselves as a family. This has been the experience every time we have met up with her. The moments that are captured a priceless. There was no fancy posing, no pressure to have the perfect smile, just us being us. Thank you so much Emily for capturing moments we can never get back, time moves so fast and I'm so glad we chose her. I have never had photos taken of us as a family that I cried over but every time I look at them, I have happy tears well up in my eyes remembering that time in our life."

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