Hey friend! I'm Emily; your guide to chasing your light and creating a photography business that feels good in your soul. It took me 7+ years of hard work, trial by fire and pushing myself to design the brand and business I have created with Light Chaser Photography. And here I am, ready to give you everything I've got to help you value yourself and your work, go from a scarcity mindset to an abundant one and create a business that is not only authentic to you, but thriving and supporting you!

This mentorship is for you if:
  • You find yourself doubting your worth as a photographer,
  • You have a hard time figuring out how to value and price your work,
  • You are winging most, if not every, aspect of your business.
  • You aren't seeing consistency in bookings or income,
  • You long to have a community of photographers who are supportive of one another, and want to build each other up,
  • You want to shift into doing what you love, while creating freedom, alignment and financial abundance for yourself year round,
  • You need clarity and want to do the damn business thing with intention and mindfulness,
  • You love self-work and being better than who you were yesterday,
  • You need support, accountability and someone who has been where you are + is where you want to be,
  • You'd love to see your business bring in $10k a month.
  • You want to accomplish BIG things in your business and mindset in only 3 months!

If any of the above resonates, scroll through the slides below to see what you get to accomplish through the Chase Your Light 12-week Group Mentorship. Then, if you hear the whisper of your intuition saying, "Yes. This is exactly what I need." click apply now, so we can connect on a free, no-strings-attached call to chat about how I can support you in creating a business that feels so freaking good!

Can't wait to get to know you and help you on your journey!

Are you ready to design a business that lights your soul on fire and sets you free?

Mindful Business Mentoring for Photographers

xxx - Emily

This week is all about welcoming every one of you amazing soul-tographers into this container. We'll connect with each other, set some goals, hear from an amazing guest speaker on mindset, as well as find clarity and inspiration, all while implementing some soul-care.

week 1:
connect + align


Mindset is everything, in life and yes, in business. Because of this, it will be at the core of everything you learn in this mentorship. Last week, you got to hear from our amazing mindset guest speaker, and this week will be focused on giving you even more tools to support a thriving mindset.

week 2:


As artists, the business side being a photographer can feel gross or like the exact opposite of why we do what we do. Yet, it is such an important part of creating a thriving career. This week, we will discover our cost of doing business, our baseline for charging our clients and how to make sure we are profiting from all of our hard work.

week 3:
value yourself


Creativity is at the heart of what we do. Most of us didn't jump into photography as a way to make a boat-load of money, but to fulfill that side of us that wants to support our lifestyle while doing something that we love. This week, we will be going over, as a group, our "homework" from last week. Diving into our individual creative minds can be repeated as often as we'd like, as it helps us confirm that we are being true to ourselves.

week 4:


As artists, we all want our heart to shine through in our work, but it's easy for the lines to blur when your art becomes your livelihood. Let's deep dive into what sets your creative soul on fire and empower you to do it on purpose every single session. 

week 5:
photographic signature


Now is the time to sit with everything you have learned + discovered about yourself and your business in the last 5 weeks. You should have already been implementing many of the tools into your daily/weekly lives, but this week is meant to allow you to process and dial in even more on what you are working towards! Re-evaluate your goals and make sure you are still aligned with the path you are on.

week 6:
integration week

What if I told you that you can attract your ideal client by being authentically you? This week, you will discover what your core values are, who your ideal "soul" client is and how to create a brand that supports you in attracting the people who are meant for you.

weeks 7:
soul-clients + branding

Now is the time build your soul client's experience to keep them coming back time and time again. This week, you will receive the framework + get clear on but how to attract, appreciate & love on that soul-client with an experience they can only receive from you.

week 8:
client experience


This week, you will develop a flow to your sessions, so you can show up fully and make sure your client gets every image they desire. You will also learn to hold space for your clients to be authentic and relaxed at their session, plus some of my favorite prompts and "unposing" tips.

week 9:
session flow + unposing


This week, I will walk you through how I cull each session, choose which images are worthy of a full edit + all of my favorite editing tips and tricks I've collected over the years. My goal is not to teach you to edit like me, but give you tools to make your vision shine. This week you will also be able to ask for CC on your own images and hear from the group on any tips or tricks they have!

week 10:


This week's training will cover organization. How to organize your LR import folders, your sessions on your computer and on your hard drive. We will also cover backing up to a hard drive + online service, CRM programs, tax prep & so much more!

week 11:


Marketing and sales can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. This week we will learn and practice together, so that when it comes time to show up for your soul clients, you will have what you need to be authentic and serve them in a way that feels good for you both.

week 12:
marketing + sales

  • (12) 1:1 coaching calls with me
  • (11) Breathwork Sundays
  • (3) Mindset guest speaker trainings
  • Group Voxer for support + community
  • Voxer access to me M-F, 8 am - 5 pm
  • Session video to observe my session flow
  • Play-back videos in case you miss a training
  • (1) wrap-up group zoom call and q+a


June 5 - August 26, 2022

chase your light
 12-week Group mentorship

"Since I started staying home in October of 2021, I really wanted to start bettering myself and my business. I knew I need to take some steps to get where I needed to be. I had so many ideas and so many thing I HAD to do in order to run a successful business, but I was stuck. I had been trying to figure everything out, and I couldn't get my thoughts together.

That same day, I saw Emily's post. I felt like it was a sign from God, and I jumped on it. Emily has helped in so many ways. I was nervous that she was going to be judgy and she was going to think poorly of how unorganized I am. I was so wrong. She helped me overcome my fears and realize that even she has been where I am as a photographer and business woman. When we had our meetings, I felt like I was talking to a friend, while at the same time I would learn something and she would boost my knowledge and confidence. I am so thankful I signed up for coaching and got to know her as a person."

Molly Rullman

"Can I just say WOW!!! I have been through a couple coaching sessions with Emily and each one is even more rewarding than the last. In just a short period I feel like I gain so much more knowledge. Not only is she knowledgeable when it comes to photography, but she is so knowledgeable about the whole business aspect of it as well. I have already improved my business and photography just with the 4 hours that I have spent with her. I am so excited to continue working with her to see just how far she is able to help me go. If you get the opportunity I would jump 1000%. You will not regret working with the beautiful and talented Emily."

crystina lewis

"I am so thankful for Emily. She’s been amazing mentor to me along my journey to bring my photography to another level. Her passion for photography and business shines through her mentorship, Her patience, for me as a single mom via video, has meant the world to me. She is one of my biggest cheer leaders; constantly telling me I’m valuable and worthy of making big changes."

Krystin Dueck

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